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June on the Homestead

Enjoy a photo dump of June here on our little piece of Maine.

Li'l baby apples...

and li'l baby pumpkins, too!

There's a lot planted out there, but not a lot to show for it yet!

The garden from another angle

The Three Little Pigs--Peach, Rosie, and Half-and-Half

It could not possibly be June in Maine without lupines. (These are our neighbors' across the way. I wish they were mine.)

Roses are an essential part of June as well.

Our wild Pagoda Dogwood in the sunshine

A very happy little spruce tree

White birch basking in the sunshine

Daisies and rock walls...

These are the descendants of early local settlers Scotch roses. That makes them extra special.

Hope June is just as beautiful wherever you are!

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