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100 ml (3.3 oz) of Grade A Maine maple syrup in attractive glass maple leaf bottle.


For over 20 years, the Schanz family has been producing maple syrup from their sugarbush in the pristine mountains of Western Maine.  Beginning with a few spiles and old-fashioned buckets, a barrel stove, and lots of perseverance, we've grown to 500 taps and more modern processing equipment, but still our goal is to produce the finest, best-tasting maple syrup possible.


From the tree to the consumer, we oversee every step of the maple syrup making process to ensure that we are making a product that is not only delicious, but untainted from chemicals or pesticides.  Only food-safe components are allowed to come in touch with the sap from the time it leaves the tree until the time it comes out of the evaporator as maple syrup. There are no additives or preservatives--only 100% pure, Maine maple syrup.  We are conscious of our packaging as well, using high quality, food grade containers and shipping them carefully to you. 

The guide below explains the grades of maple syrup:

  • Grade A Golden--has a light, honey-like color and a delicate flavor
  • Grade A Amber--a bit darker than golden in color, with a richer flavor
  • Grade A Dark--has a dark color and robust maple flavor
  • Grade A Very Dark--has an even darker color and more robust maple flavor

(The last two are especially good in cooking and baking when you really want the flavor to come through.)

Maine Maple Syrup--100 ml Glass Maple Leaf

  • We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with any purchase they make from us.  Should you receive an item that is not as it was described, we will go good for that product.  We will accept returns on unopened syrup, but the purchaser must pay the return shipping unless there is an actual problem with the syrup.  We ship all of our product via USPS Priority Mail which includes insurance, so your purchase is protected.

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