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Nearing the end...

I'm looking out the office window at a slope still mostly covered with snow, but April is here, and though we haven't had any significantly warm days, the nights aren't getting cold enough for really good sap flow, which means things are slowing down. Still, the sap we are getting is nice and clear and the syrup coming off the evaporator is still Grade A--beautiful and delicious.

Yes, we still have snow...

Our row of samples on the window sill is growing. We've been back and forth between amber and dark all season. At present we are up around 120 or so gallons of syrup made. Will we make it to last year's 160? That is the big question right now!

A cuvette from each boil of the season

There are signs all around the homestead that spring is here--early spring at least. The rock walls are no longer snow covered, the parsnips are ready to be harvested. The crocuses are blooming. Our list of things that need to be done once maple season is over is daunting. Spring in Maine is like that. The snow goes and there is work that needs to be done everywhere!

Well, hello there!

Spring parsnips--nature's candy!

Crocus season

We're still making syrup, but already getting ready for next year. An oak that split and had to be taken down, trees that need to be thinned--the process of gathering firewood to make next year's maple syrup has already begun. Round and round and round it goes.

The neverending cycle of firewood

That's the update. A slow spring is good for syrup making, but now I'm off to catch up on all the things that are getting neglected around here. Till next time I'll leave you with some sights and sounds from the sugar house!

The heart of the operation

Best seat in the house!

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