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Getting Ready...

It's cold and snowy and blowy in the sugar bush today, but there are signs that sapping season is nearly here. The sun is getting higher, the days longer. There's a certain expectant feeling. The weather man says we have some days coming that will be in the 40's. Every sugar maker knows that's a special number! So this weekend the plan is to put the taps out--400 or so in all, mostly on vacuum, but some buckets. We'll also be doing some extra cleaning in the sugar house so that when that sap starts to run, we will be ready.

Some of you may be interested to know that our magic cleaner for all of our equipment is good old fashioned white vinegar! It cleans as well as anything out there, and leaves no chemical residues that can pass into the syrup. That is extremely important to us. We want nothing but 100% goodness in each drop of maple syrup we produce.

This is the start! The 2020 maple season has officially started here at Schanz Family Maple, even though the sap hasn't run yet. We hope you come back and follow along as we keep our blog updated with the happenings of the season. Here's hoping it's an extra good one!

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